Clean Rooms

Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms

Our custom ISO-rated clean rooms are specifically designed for your application. We use custom-built stainless steel and composite wall panels, which can be configured to your exact needs. Our walls feature single- or double-sided glass. Our bolt-free designs allow for easy cleaning and will stand up to your stringent requirements. We specialize in modular walls which can be configured for return or exhaust air with independent control dampers. With this versatility and using ceiling-mounted HEPA fan filter units, our clean rooms will meet your ISO rating requirement. Our custom clean rooms come with an endless list of options ready to meet your exact specifications. Each door can be fitted with a pressure gauge and indicating lights to inform the user of whether the space is ISO rated. For detailed information, a color touchscreen HMI can be used.


Our custom pass-throughs are made with the same high-quality stainless steel as our wall panels for a complete integrated look. With several options available from standard door interlocks, to automated interlocks with programmable time delays and magnetic locks.

Optional: Nuclear Medical Clean Rooms

E Solutions makes clean rooms specifically designed for Radiation Safety and long-term management of production. Hot Cells and large equipment can be moved in and out of the cleanroom by simply removing wall panels that bolt together. Additionally, the cleanrooms are designed to work with our radiation monitoring systems to provide a “Lock Down mode” or a “Flush Mode” depending on the type of isotope being processed. Our engineers can work with you to design a turn-key solution to meet your needs.

Complete Turn-Key Solutions

Need mechanical equipment? We’ve got you covered. We can fit your cleanroom with environmental equipment such as air handling units, exhaust fans, dampers, filters, and more. A Direct Digital Control (DDC) system can be added and used for the storing and reporting of many kinds of data including pressure, temperature, humidity, and particulate count. Custom reports can be generated automatically. For restricted areas, an Access Control system can be added complete with card swipe access, cameras, automatic door openers, and video phones. For systems needing FDA approval, our controls can be upgraded to meet 21 CFR Part 11: Electronic Records; Electronic Signatures.

clean room map

Clean Room Doorway

Access Control Column

Windowed Wall

Pass-Through Panel

Box Plenum